• Head Up / Foot Up Adjustable Frame

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    With head and foot incline, this entry-level adjustable base is a great jumping off point to experience the convenience and health benefits of an adjustable bed base. You can sit up in bed to eat, watch TV, or read, and the ability to adjust positions while you sleep also helps reduce snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea.  It's so quick and easy to set up it only take two people five minutes from start to finish. This adjustable base fits into most bed frames, can attach to any headboard and the sleek, black finish looks great anywhere.

    • Head incline: 58 degrees, foot incline: 40 degrees
    • Comes folded in a box 
    • Convenient wired remote
    • Responsive motor moves quickly and quietly
    • 5-minute set-up: unfold base, screw on legs, plug in, and attach remote
    • 600-pound weight capacity
    • Two Twin XL bases make a King