What's The Deal With Cooling Gel Mattresses?

December 27, 2016

What's The Deal With Cooling Gel Mattresses?Mattress Clearance USA Brings Cooling Mattress Technology at An Affordable PriceThe cooling gel mattress is one of the many recent innovations in mattress technology. These mattresses utilize gel technology that not only gives you the memory foam experience, but ensures that the foam gets neither too hot or too cold. Consider a cooling gel mattress the equivalent of a memory foam mattress with temperature control. This ability to control your bed’s temperature is a first in bed technology. Studies show that the perfect temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit, and this kind of mattress will help you achieve that with ease. At Mattress Clearance USA, we have a number of gel mattresses available, and we think they’re amazing. Enjoy Pressure ReliefIt’s not just the cooling gel that sets these mattresses apart. Thanks to the memory foam construction, these mattresses offer exceptional pressure relief. When the mattress is compressed, the cooling gel on top of the foam wraps perfectly around your body, creating a cool feeling that helps relieve pain and stress on your joints.Your body weight is also more evenly distributed across your mattress, offering support for your hips, shoulders, back and knees. An Extra Level of Support What sets a cooling gel mattress from a traditional memory foam mattress is not just the cooling element. In fact, the gel layer on top of the memory foam offers more balanced support, ensuring that you don’t sink too deep. This extra layer encourages air movement, allowing heat from your body to dissipate (and not just collect inside your mattress), creating the feeling of sleeping on a cool surface.Benefit from Spine Alignment PropertiesAs well as supporting your joints, the memory foam used to create these comfortable gel mattresses encourages spinal alignment. This stops back pain and helps people who already suffer from back problems.Come on Down to Our Pensacola Mattress StoreAt Mattress Clearance USA, our large showroom has a wide range of cooling gel mattresses available for you to try out. You don’t have to worry about pushy salesmen, either – our trained, experienced and knowledgeable team members are around if you need any help or advice. Once you find the cooling gel mattress that suits you, you can benefit from our no credit check financing, same day delivery, and military discounts, on top of our extremely competitive prices.Online or in-store, you can also choose from a wide range of mattresses and bed frames. Mattress Clearance USA sells only the highest quality mattresses, with no used or irregular products, at discount prices. We guarantee that we can beat any price by 10%, so be sure to contact us today!