Why Your Mattress Matters, and How Mattress Clearance USA Saves You Money

December 27, 2016

How Long Should You Keep Your Mattress? Mattresses have changed. At Mattress Clearance USA, we have a wide variety of mattresses available that offer longer lifespans than traditional innerspring beds, whether they are made of memory foam, pocketed springs, or otherwise. This new generation of mattresses means you can enjoy a great night’s sleep for longer – but what about your old bed? A traditional innerspring mattress lasts no longer than 10 years, according to Mary Louise McLaws, a Professor of Epidemiology for Health Care Infection & Infectious Diseases Control. Why? Well, the huge amount of dead skin cells and sweat that collect inside the mattress ultimately makes the mattress attractive to dust mites. To top it off, springs eventually begin to wear down and provide less resistance. Did You Know You Could Be Allergic to Your Mattress? The dead skin cells that collect in your mattress make the perfect bait for dust mites, and as many as